Water being one of our most precious resources, it has to be free from pollution to prevent hazards to humans and to our environment. We see an increasing awareness of how important it is to have clean water available. Yet at the same time our conventional water treatment methods are not effective enough to eliminate a great number of water pollutants. This is why our company has developed in collaboration with Hirschmann Laborgeräte and German Aerospace Center (DLR) the SOWΛRLΛ SUN system, which offers several advantages as compared to other processes.


The SOWΛRLΛ  SUN system is:

  • extremely effective
  • fully environmentally compatible
  • resource-conserving
  • cost-efficient
  • versatile
  • Sunlight: the source of clean water

The advantages of the SOWΛRLΛ SUN-system are directly derived from the idea of using sunlight for water purification: Solar radiation delivers the required energy to eliminate water pollutants and, when equipped with an integrated photovoltaic system, it will also provide the full amount of electric energy required for plant operation. The completely solar-powered design version of the SOWΛRLΛ SUN system offers optimized results for humans and for the environment while minimizing the consumption of valuable resources at the same time. The success of this concept draws on the use of carefully selected photocatalysts. Conventional, light-based water purification systems use UV-light for costly electrical processes (photolysis). Contrary to that, photocatalysts make it possible to use sunlight directly. This method is free of charge and, as compared to other purification methods, saves approx. 90% energy. Moreover, photocatalytic processes require significantly reduced amounts of oxidants; in some cases, even atmospheric oxygen is sufficient to achieve best results.


Figure: SOWΛRLΛ SUN-Receiver made by Hirschmann Laborgeraete



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