Demonstration plant



The SOWΛRLΛ SUN system is based on an innovative process, which has been designed within the scope of extensive scientific studies and tests. It comprises a patented solar receiver design, a sophisticated control system and an energy-efficient catalyst separation and recycle system. The system was successfully tested on the degradation of a variety of oxidizable compounds. As a first full-scale application, the elimination of hazardous compounds from a biologically untreatable cooling water was realized in a demonstration plant at the DLR location in Lampoldshausen. Originally, UV-lamp technology was used to purify the contaminated cooling water - a purification principle that caused high operation and maintenance costs. Today, the demonstration plant is run under continuous operating conditions and available to the expert community as a reference project. 


Figure: SOWΛRLΛ SUN demonstration plant at DLR site Lampoldshausen



The research project, which has been named SOWARLA, was supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) and initiated in cooperation with the Technology Transfer Center in Lampoldshausen (TTZ).








Lampoldshausen, Baden Württemberg, Germany


Year of commissioning



Solar receiver area

240 m2


Total area required

350 m2


Daily volume of purified waste water

13,7 m3



Cyanide, nitrite, hydrazine derivates





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