Fields of applications



The SOWΛRLΛ SUN system is suitable for a host of different applications: from pre-treatment processes right through to full water treatment and the discharge of purified water into natural waters. In addition, the system can be adapted to a great variety of further applications and problematic substances. Tests with contaminants from antibiotics, radio-contrast agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons and exhaust air cleaning residues were conducted successfully. In general, it can be stated that this method is capable of eliminating organic or inorganic pollutants in waste waters for the most part. The modules are easy to install and easy to maintain, thus ensuring quick on-site installation and connection. 


Decontamination of ground water





Pre-treatment of special waste waters (e.g. from the pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and pesticide industry)




Purification of sewage water (e.g. from landfill and waste-disposal sites)




Degermination in recreational or touristic environments






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